The 5 Ways to Fund Your Organization Bundle Includes:

• An Interactive Online and On-demand Class
• A Customized Guidebook
• 1 Hour of One-on-One Coaching
• A Toolkit Curated Specifically for this Bundle

What You'll Learn:

  • The six revenue streams to build your organization

  • Detailed ideas for all six revenue streams

  • To identify hidden opportunities

  • What you should be concerned about


Your organization is formed and functioning at some level. Congratulations! You’re full of ideas and members are asking for all sorts of things. Alas, so many ideas and so little money. The programs you have in mind need a little cash to see successful completion. From staffing to supplies, you have bills to pay. The gears of growth are greased with money. Let’s look at getting what you need.

Class Reviews

5 star rating

It made clear what the intent & content would cover

Hoover Alexander

I was looking for more drilling down with more details.

I was looking for more drilling down with more details.

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You'll be ready to secure funding

Upon completing this course, you will have a clear path to achieving a thriving and sustainable organization through six different revenue streams.