4 Ways to Grow Your Resources & Capacity Bundle Includes:

• An Interactive Online and On-demand Class
• A Customized Guidebook
• 1 Hour of One-on-One Coaching
• A Toolkit Curated Specifically for this Bundle

What You'll Learn:

  • Learn the 4 Ways you can increase capacity at your organization

  • Understand how to inspire and utilize volunteers to help you

  • Strategies for supporting a Director

  • Increase staff without breaking the bank


Growing resources and capacity is often the hardest part of building a successful organization. Your organization needs to be sustainable and it can’t do that for long on pure volunteer effort. The most important resource you’ll have is a passionate paid director, even if this starts out as part-time. We’ll cover Director, Staff, Volunteers and Alliances with others as capacity building options.

Time to grow your resources and capacity

With these four ways to increase capacity and a Toolkit of bonus resources, you’ll be on your way to a growing and sustainable organization.